The issue

When conifers were introduced to New Zealand in the 1800s, few people understood how they would thrive here. Since then, wilding trees have spread from forests, erosion plantings and farm shelterbelts out into the surrounding countryside.

These trees can quickly form impenetrable forests of no economic value.They make farms unusable, take over native ecosystems, use up scarce water, and alter iconic landscapes.

The spread of wildings

The spread of wilding conifers – Why are they here and how quickly are they spreading?
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Ecosystem effects

Wilding conifers take over and change biodiversity. How do they do it? Learn more…

Effects on farmland

Wilding conifers affect our farmlands, livelihoods and ultimately our national economy.

Effects on water yield

Wilding conifers take a lot of water from stream and river catchments. Learn more…

Preventing the spread

Wilding conifers are actually one of New Zealand's easiest weed problems to deal with.