Publications and resources

Below are publications and resources for the National Wilding Conifer Control Programme.

Benefits and Costs of the Wilding Pine Management Programme Phase 2 (pdf 10 MB)

In 2018 MPI commissioned Sapre Research Group to complete a Cost/Benefit analysis for a second phase of the programme. The analysis considers current wilding infestation data and predicts the consequences of leaving wildings to spread uncontrolled, compared to treating and clearing them.

Health Safety and Good Practice Charter (pdf 1.1 MB)

This charter explains how we work together to provide a safe workplace for everyone involved in conifer control.

Ground-Based Herbicide Injection - 'Drill and Fill' (pdf 829 KB)

The National Programme is researching control methods and developing guidelines for good practice. These summarise standards expected for safe wilding conifer control.

Rather than cutting down large trees, it is often better to drill holes into a tree’s trunk and fill the holes with herbicide. This is a good option on difficult terrain where felling is unsafe.