Historical evidence of wilding control

February 05, 2020

This is a quick blog post (working on a longer one now!), but bear with us as we work through the look and structure of this blog.

I often hear anecdotes that people have been controlling wilding conifers for many, many years (50+), but rarely do I get to read stories about this past control. Here is an article written by Brian Hannken in the Auckland Botanical Society’s newsletter in 1954 about wilding control. Other than the fact that we have records of wilding control from over 50 years ago, what is also cool about this article is that the control is taking place near Auckland on Rangitoto. According to the Public Explorer on Wilding Watch, there are still wildings on Rangitoto sadly.

If you have stories of past control efforts, feel free to share them with me (Rowan)!

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