The idea to form a Wilding Conifer Management Group originated in late 2005, with the manager of Molesworth Station Jim Ward and the station's owners, Landcorp Farming (represented by their Corporate Strategy Manager, Collier Isaacs).

Collier requested Nick Ledgard, a scientist with SCION in Christchurch, to approach all those with wilding concerns and to draw up a proposal for such a group and seek funding.   The first inaugural meeting of interested people took place in Christchurch on April 28, 2006.  Eleven representatives of the major stakeholders attended and were keen to become founding members of the affiliated group. 

Since then the group has grown to 23 members and successfully funded programmes through three Sustainable Farming Funds in the last twelve years.

The Group organises every year an annual conference and field-days to talk wilding management in regions that have significant wilding infestations. As part of the conference, wilding conifer researchers have a chance to present research that can make a change to more efficient wilding management.

The focus of our research has been to support better operational management of wilding conifers.