New Zealand Wilding Conifer Trust

The New Zealand Wilding Conifer Trust (NZWCT) is a group dedicated to support the active management of wilding conifer infestations in New Zealand since 2006.

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NZ Wilding Conifer Conference

Summary of the 2018 NZ Wilding Conifer Conference

This Group was instrumental in developing the New Zealand Wilding Conifer Management Strategy 2015-2030.

The proposed establishment of a new 'New Zealand Wilding Conifer Trust' in 2018 will evolve from - and build on - the successes of the NZWCT, and will continue to represent a broad spectrum of parties dealing locally, regionally or nationally with spreading wildings.

An Interim Committee, supported by a Terms of Reference, is steering the changes. At the 2018 NZWCT Annual General Meeting in October, the membership voted to support the direction of the Interim Committee to establish this new NZ Wilding Conifer Trust. The Committee is working on a Trust Deed and will hold a Special General Meeting in early 2019 to form the new Group. More information can be found in the AGM minutes