Control in my area

The linked maps below show where wilding conifers are spreading, and where the National Conifer Control Programme is currently operating.

Programme control areas

To support the wider Programme, Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) has developed a web-based mapping and monitoring tool which provides a complete and consistent picture of where wilding conifer spread is present in New Zealand. You can use this tool to report an infestation that we don't yet have on our maps, or to learn about infestations in your area.

There is also a mobile App that LINZ have developed for Programme field workers - download the appropriate App here.

Community groups

There are groups helping to control wildling conifers throughout New Zealand – visit our Community Group page to join a group in your area - please follow the quick links below.

Land holders

If you’re a Land holder, you can also help by controlling conifers and minimising spread of pines from your property. For more information - please follow the quick links below.

Join a group

Community groups involved in wilding confer control

Land holders

Control wilding conifers on your place

Information System

See all wilding conifer infestations and download the LINZ field mapping App