Wilding Conifer Group proposed

Advisory group

June 29, 2018

At the end of May comments closed on the proposal to set up an independent stakeholder-led wilding conifer group. Thank you to the submitters. Given the broad support for the proposal, an Interim Committee was formed to guide the independent group’s establishment.

As reported our Autumn update, the national programme’s stakeholder advisory group and the NZ Wilding Conifer Management Group (NZWCG) committee worked together on the proposal.   On 7 June, the national programme’s governance group agreed to dissolve its stakeholder advisory group to make way for the new proposed group. The working title is the “Wilding Conifer Group”. 

The Terms of Reference for the Group’s Interim Committee, and its list of members are here.   Richard Bowman, from the wilding trusts community (and formerly of regional government) was nominated as Interim Chair.

A Wilding Conifer Group Coordinator will be appointed for a term of 12 months and recruiting is now underway. Is this you or someone you know? Help spread the word!  The Coordinator role is a half time, paid position with flexible hours and location.  Applications close 5pm on Monday 9 July 2018, and the job description and other details can be found here.

Final decisions on the Wilding Conifer Group’s establishment and programme of work will take place at the Annual General Meeting of the NZWCMG in October 2018.