FIRE CAUTION: High Grass or Tussock Cover

March 07, 2019

Due to high fire risk around the country the following actions should be mandatory.

One near miss has been reported where a vehicle was parked while a gate was being opened. Smoke was smelt coming from under the vehicle, the vehicle was quickly moved off and ignition was averted. 

The following is recommended when working in country that has higher than normal grass cover or tussock that may ignite from vehicles.  This also includes grass verges particularly during these high fire risk times.  

  • It is recommended that all vehicles are fitted with an exhaust spark arrestor.
  • Driving in high grass/tussock/scrub should be avoided where possible. If not possible, suitable pressurised water capacity should be considered.
  • All vehicles/trailers are required to have fire extinguisher (2kg or greater) fitted. Regular checks of extinguishers is recommended.
  • Daily and regular inspection (especially when vehicle is in these conditions) by the driver should take place of the undercarriage of the entire vehicle and remove any accumulated vegetation, especially upon leaving the field and returning to the road.

Further information can be  sought from FENZ web site of fire conditions and restrictions in place in your area of work. Also refer to Heat and Spark Hazardous Operations (Hotworks) fire prevention guidelines.