Wilding Spread Risk Calculator

Assessing the spread risk of proposed new conifer plantings.

The Wilding Spread Risk Calculator and the Associated Guidelines for new plantings helps landholders, consultants and planners assess the wilding spread risk for proposed new conifer forests and shelterbelts.

There are two Decision Support Systems (DSS) in the Associated Guidelines:

  1. one for assessing new plantings (DSS1)
  2. one for assessing the risk of wilding conifers invading a site (DSS2)

The calculator also predicts if wilding conifers might invade a site in the future.

Each DSS rates the spread risk using the following indicators.

  1. Tree species type (spreading vigour)
  2. Palatability of tree species to stock
  3. Site location
  4. Site characteristics
  5. Existing vegetation on site

Points are assigned to each of the five indicators when assessing a proposed site. When the points are summarised, this provides a total score that ranks the proposed planting according to risk levels.