What to plant and where

Choosing the wrong tree species can create an expensive problem for you and your neighbours.

If you plan to replace or plant conifer trees on your property, wherever possible choose species that won’t infest other areas of your (or your neighbours’) land and create an ongoing management problem. Our The Right Tree for Your Place planting guide contains some trees and shrubs that are potentially good for shelter in the high country, have moderate-fast growth, and a comparatively low risk of wilding spread.

Note that if you're planting plantation trees, know your wilding obligations under the new National Environmental Standard for Plantation Forestry (details further down this page).

Also note that assistance with site restoration (after wilding conifer removal) may be available through the One Billion Trees Programme.

Use the Wilding Spread Risk Calculator

Landowners, consultants and planners should use the Wilding Spread Risk Calculator and associated guidelines to assess the wilding spread risk for proposed new conifer forests and shelterbelts.

National Environmental Standards for Plantation Forestry

The National Environmental Standards for Plantation Forestry (NES–PF, published May 2018) are nationally consistent regulations for managing the environmental effects of forestry under the Resource Management Act (RMA). A NES prevails over district or regional plans.

The NES-PF objectives are to:

  • maintain or improve the outcomes for plantation forestry activities
  • increase the efficiency and certainty of managing plantation forestry activities.

The objectives are achieved through a single set of regulations under the RMA that apply to foresters throughout New Zealand.

Land owners and forest owners must apply the Wilding Conifer Risk Calculator whenever they are planting a new forest or are replanting in a different conifer species that carries a higher risk.

If the calculator shows that spread risk is high, the land or forest owner will need to talk with their local council and discuss the NES provisions in their plan.

For more information visit the NES for Plantation Forestry on the Ministry for Primary Industries' website. 

Identifying wilding conifers

Identify common conifer species

Manage conifer spread on your property

Manage conifer spread on your property

Wilding Spread Risk Calculator

Wilding Spread Risk Calculator