Know your ETS obligations

Under the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) if a land owner deforests ‘pre-1990 forest’, they’re liable for the carbon that’s released. For an average forest at 2017 carbon prices ($20 per tonne of carbon) this may be $10,000 per hectare.

However, if wilding conifers on your land were established in 1990 or after, and you haven’t registered them in the Under the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), then you can remove them without ETS liability.

If your conifers were established before 1990, you may still be able remove them without incurring an ETS liability – for example, by applying for a Tree Weed Exemption. Find out more about exceptions to deforestation rules on the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) website. This website includes the publication 'Managing tree weeds and the Emissions Trading Scheme'.

Conifer control

Methods of control