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These guidelines are intended to give individual landowners, consultants and planners the ability to carry out an initial assessment of wilding spread risk for new afforestation projects.The assessment uses a Decision Support System (DSS) known as the Wilding Spread Risk Calculator. Users will be able to assess wilding spread risk in a transparent, consistent and repeatable manner using the step by step description and examples.
The guidelines should be read in association with the Wilding Spread Risk calculator. The Wilding Spread Risk Calculator is comprised of two calculators, one for new plantings (DSS1) and one for the assessment of the risk for a site to be invaded by wilding conifers (DSS2). These guidelines are specifically for the calculation of spread risk associated with new plantings (DSS1). The current version of the Calculator was released in June 2012 (DSS 1 - version _07011) and can be downloaded by clicking here.